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Summer time starts night to Sunday

summer timeSummer time.Photo: FOTO: SCANPIX


The clock is set one hour forward at 2 AM.


Although we have had summertime since 1980 in Norway, there are still many who do not quite remember when the clock should be set  forward and when it should be set back.

– A good rule is: Assume that you look forward to summer vacation, and that you set the clock forward in the spring. In autumn you longs to return to the summer vacation and thus you turn the  clock back..

Thus, the clock will be set one hour forward at 2 AM Saturday night.

Summertime was introduced in a number of countries in Europe in 1916. The aim was to utilize the daylight better in the period of a day where people are normally awake. One extra hour with light  at night would, among other things save energy for heating and lighting.

Norway has had periods with and without summertime but since 1980 we have followed the standard in Europe because it is convenient. For countries in the EU / EEA zone starts summertime at 2 AM the last Sunday in March and ends at 3 AM the last Sunday in October.


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