Sunday night might see first major strike in 18 years if various parties don’t reach agreement

Riksmekler Nils DalseideRiksmekler Nils Dalseide.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

At midnight on Sunday night, there may be a strike if the parties don’t reach agreement during the week’s mediation. Arbitrator, Nils Dalseide, has been preparing since Christmas.


The formal mediation will start at 10:00 on Wednesday, but Nils Dalseide expects to visit the parties at the arbitration office in Grensen 3 during Tuesday.

After the negotiations between LO, YS and NHO broke down on January the 22nd, the two workers’ organizations have announced a split of seats for their members from the 8th of April.

This means that from Sunday morning, more than 200,000 workers in the private sector will strike unless the mediation is successful.

Only on Tuesday will it be clear which businesses and industries are first taken out on strike, but yards,construction sites, cleaning, food production, hotels, busses and airports are among those who could be hit hard.

May be first in 18 years

It would be the first big strike in the private sector since 2000.

“When you have the supreme responsibility for such extensive mediation and so many employees involved,you feel that responsibility,” Dalseide told NRK.

Together with his colleagues, he started preparations for the mediation already in December 2017.

‘’At the turn of the year, it was pointed out that AFP (contracted pension and RKL – travel, board and lodging) would be central. We have gathered material since January. We have also had a separate mediation course for the mediators, where we have seen experts in in all these areas’’, said Dalseide.

Had a few days off

During Easter, Dalseide and his two co-workers have spent time thinking about good mediation strategies,but they have also taken a few days off. Crime novels and crossword puzzles have not been prioritised.

“I think this is so exciting that it has not gone beyond Easter that I do this. I have had no need for any Easter crime novels or crosswords to make the time go by, he said.

Once the mediation has begun, all experience shows that sleep quickly becomes insufficient, so some of the Easter helped to charge his batteries.

“We try not to be tired when it starts, but it is limited how much sleep you can save,” he said.

Optimist before the mediation

Before this year’s settlement sessions start fully, Dalseide is optimistic.

‘’As I experience it now, I think it’s a good time for mediation. There are constructive parties who principally want a solution. It’s a big resource in the mediation, so I’m looking forward to it,” said the ‘Riksmekleren’ to NRK news.

In that the meditation deadline ends at midnight on Saturday, and that the weekend goes toward work, he takes great comfort.

“In the wage settlement context, there is no difference between holidays and weekdays,” said Nils Dalseide.


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