The Supreme Court sentences Ubaydullah Hussain to jail for nine years for IS participation

Ubaydullah HussainOSLO.Ubaydullah Hussain.Photo : Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Ubaydullah Hussain is sentenced to nine years in jail by the Supreme Court for participation in the extremist group IS.


The penalty is the same as when the court of appeals handled the case. The verdict of the Supreme Court fell on Tuesday.

The Supreme Court believes Hussain was considered a participant in IS from the turn of the year 2013/2014 to December 2015.

He is also sentenced for having recruited two members to IS, as well as to provide financial support and equipment to two other members.

The Supreme Court points out that such organizations represent a major threat to national security and our democratic values and that it must react strictly to this type of offense for reasons of general protection.


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