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Suspected sabotage of fish farm at North Cape solved

Torskefjorden with fish farmsTorskefjorden with fish farms.


Suspected sabotage of fish farm at North Cape solved

Broken glass found in two fish farm compounds at Vedbotn near North Cape was not sabotage after all. This is revealed after it turns out that a well boat was the culprit.


The case was discovered and reported in early October after broken glass were found in two of the six compounds (merder) of the newly established fish farm.

The shards of glass were to be analyzed with the help of Kripos, writes iFinnmark. But Tuesday, the case has got an another twist in the fish tail, according to Sysla.

The shipping company Intership has notified the owner of the fish farm, Grieg Seafood, that the glass shards most likely stems from a well boat moving fish on behalf of the company. On two occasions, light bulbs exploded in the cargo compartment in connection with transport of smolt to the plant at Vedbotn.

The finding of glass in two different compartments correlates with the dates of the boat transport, Grieg Seafood writes in a press release.

The shipping company Intership regrets the incident and states that the company’s routines have now been reviewed and improved.

Grieg Seafood has previously stated that they believe this was done deliberately. The company is now sorry and head of social contact, Roger Pedersen, admits that they were too quick to conclude that it was a case of sabotage.

The police have been informed of the latest development of the case.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today



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