SV demands revised climate notice

Lars Haltbrekken Climate Notice Socialist PartyLars Haltbrekken, Sosialistisk Venstreparti, Sør-Trøndelag

SV demands climate notice from the Government

The climate announcement that the Government issued ten months ago, is being discussed in the Parliament on Thursday,  the Socialist Party (SV) demands a climate notice mentioning more specific measures.


The Government parties; Conservatives (H), Progress Party (Frp) and Liberals (V) have secured support from the Christian Democrats (KrF), thereby having a majority behind its notice. The opposition has criticized the climate notice for not being committed enough and lacking of measures. SV will put forward a proposal that is intended to force the Government to do the job once more.

– The climate report the Government issued last year, is the first climate notice without a single new proposal on how Norway is going to cut its emissions,” says parliamentary representative, Lars Haltbrekken (Socialist party), to NTB.

Both in 2008 and 2012, the Parliament reached a broad agreement on the climate notices. In the last round, there was an agreement to phase out fossil fuel heating, to tighten energy requirements in the urban sector, and to aim at leaving public transport, bicycle and walking out of the increase in passenger transport, Haltbrekken points out.

It’s urgent

– We know much more about how big the climate threat is, how much more urgent it is to cut the emissions to avoid the worst climate changes, that many already experience first hand. The Government nevertheless elects to submit a climate policy totally devoid of additional proposals for emission cuts, he continues.

He fears that the promise of shouldering most emission cuts inside Norway will be “talk” only.

– Therefore, we propose a revised climate report and climate settlement, where we agree on measures that cut the emissions, says Haltbrekken, formerly head of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Union (Naturvernforbundet).

In the proposal from the majority of the Energy and Environmental Committee, the majority points to that the Government will regularly return to the Parliament with new cases that concretizise Norway’s efforts to cut its emissions and help achieve the goals of the Paris Accord. The note deals with quota purchases and other so-called flexible mechanisms within the EU’s framework.

Emission-free cruise traffic

The majority have stated that the Parliament’s ambitions for cuts in the transport sector by 2030 increases from 35 to 50 per cent. Furthermore, it is agreed that cruise traffic in Norwegian fjords should be emissions-free by 2026. The Parliament will also adopt a Nordic hydrogen strategy and that public transport is to be fossil-free by 2025.

The climate change is about Norway’s strategy to fulfill its obligations of the Paris Accord in cooperation with European Union. These are encompassing emissions from sectors that are not part of the EU’s quota system, ie transport, agriculture, waste and buildings. These sectors account for about half of the emissions of greenhouse gases in Norway.

The largest source of emissions, oil and gas extraction, is however not part of the report.


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  1. You have Kill the world and Climat since 1999 up to now 2019 – also 20 years have You kill the world and still You stand up at The Minister Meeting Now Today 30 January 2019 and talk nonsens in the asking / question hour in the Stortinget Today 15.55 today Why – Do You talk nonsens buy free from CO2 – what is that fo stupidity – You kill the hole world the last 20 years together With all this Ministers at The Ministery in Oslo Today and even The Prime Minister That Norway don’t have sit and look – what are You Doing SV and Lars Haltbrekken, Sosialistisk Venstreparti, Sør-Trøndelag – what are You doing -Nothing about the climat and Catastrofic all around the Globe and You sit and laugh of it – why ??

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