Sweden: Löfven condemns gender-segregated school bus

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Pupils at a Muslim private school in Stockholm have on several occasions been separated by gender on the school bus, according to Swedish TV4.

The Swedish documentary program “Cold Facts” reveals that students aged six to ten years in several cases have been divided by gender on school buses at the Muslim Free School Al Azhar in Vällingby,West of Stockholm.

The program documented several cases where girls were referred to the door at the rear of the bus, whilst the boys to the door at the front.

– I think it is despicable. This does not belong in Sweden, said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

– Here we take the bus together, regardless whether you are a girl or boy, woman or man. This suggests that we have more to work with when it comes to segregation, continues Löfven.

According Friskole’s Vice Principal Roger Lindquist , this is a matter of a mistake.

– This is not something that is familiar to the school management or been sanctioned. Both the Principal and I note that this has happened when we see the pictures, but it’s obviously not something we are supporting, says Lindquist.

He said that the school will investigate why one of their trip leaders had organized bus trips in that way.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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  1. Mulugeta Haile | 5. April 2017 at 08:37 |

    The swedes should not have permitted a private Islamic school. I am sure they will regret this later on. Moslems are bent to dominate Europe and they plan to do this in a dual manner in a step by step way. That is by peaceful means through schools and mosques and also through terrorist activities. Most Moslem countries specifically Saudi Arabia and Iran do not allow churches or private christian schools. Saudi Arabia doesn’t even allow Christians to be buried in the country. So if any Moslems want to have it in Europe the way they do in their country they must be told that they can do this only in their countries of origin. They must also be asked “Would your country allow us to do this in your country?” It is high time that European countries learn their lesson. Tomorrow, Moslems may ask separate buses for their women and even demand a separate Islamic caliphate in Sweden or Norway. This is therefore the beginning. Let’s tame the bear before it becomes a monster.

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