Cheaper to shop in Sweden

Charlottensbergs Shoppingcenter border tradeCharlottensbergs Shoppingcenter.Sweden.Photo: Norway Today Media

A weak Swedish krona means that Norwegians who shop on the other side of the border get more for their money.


‘’There has been a 5-6% discount on the exchange rate since the New Year in addition to the already low prices.

Now there will be extra saving on over the border trade in Sweden,” said economist, Magne Gundersen of SpareBank 1 to E24 newspaper.

According to a survey recently conducted by the Norwegian School of Business and Economics (NHH), six out of ten Norwegians have shopped in Sweden in the past year. Meat,mineral water, cheese, candy and alcohol are at the top of the list of what we buy.

At Christmas, a Swedish krone was worth as much as the Norwegian. Since then, the Norwegian krone has strengthened six øre against the Swedish, according to E24, and today the Swedish krone costs approximately 94.10 øre.
Gundersen believes that Norwegians go to Sweden regardless of such currency fluctuations, but now there is an even greater incentive to do so. Consumer economist,Elin Reitan of Nordea agrees.

“A weakened Swedish krone is, nevertheless, good news for anyone crossing the border to shop, or for those who like spending the Easter holidays in Sweden,” said Reitan.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today