Swedish researchers: Anti-corona restrictions have killed as many people as the virus itself

Coronavirus deathPhoto: AP Photo / Edmar Barros, File

Two of Sweden’s leading experts on global health believe that the restrictions against the coronavirus have killed as many people as the virus itself.

Just over 2.5 million corona-related deaths have been registered worldwide, and at least as many people have lost their lives due to the restrictions, some experts believe.

However, other experts have pointed out that the actual number of corona-related deaths may be far higher than the official figures.

SVT asked professors Stefan Swartling Peterson and Anna Mia Ekström to calculate how many people died due to the anti-corona restrictions. 

They believe the number is at least 2.5 million.

Impact of restrictions

The restrictions have first and foremost hit the poorer parts of the world and struck young people, the researchers believe, pointing to children who died of malnutrition and various diseases. They also pointed to adults who died of diseases that could have been treated.

“These deaths we see in poor countries are related to women who die in childbirth, newborns who die early, children who die of pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria because they are malnourished or not vaccinated,” Peterson said.

Ekström noted that there is excess mortality among young adults who are infected with diseases that can be treated, such as HIV and tuberculosis. 

She believes that health developments equivalent to one decade of progress have been lost in one year of anti-corona restrictions.

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