Syrian man convicted of raping a woman in Aust-Agder

Aust Agder TingrettAust Agder Tingrett.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / Scanpix

A 25 year old Syrian man has been sentenced in Aust-Agder District Court to four years and four months in prison for raping a woman in Åmli in Aust-Agder last year.


Agderposten newspaper wrote that the rape occurred during the period from the 5th of April to the 6th of April in an apartment in Åmli. The woman,who is in her 30’s, was greatly intoxicated and in a helpless state.

According to Aust-Agder District Court, the Syrian refugee had exploited a human being in a vulnerable situation with a very bad self-image.

“She had shown him confidence and expressed her willingness to let him become part of her network in Norway,” wrote district court judge, Leif Petter Trannum in the premis of the verdict.

According to the judgment, the woman explained that she said ‘no’ repeatedly, without the convicted man paying any attention to her. The sentence of four years and four months imprisonment is in line with the respondent’s claim.

The man has always denied having intercourse with the woman, but in court he moderated his story and explained that he did not think they had sexual intercourse; of this is was “pretty sure”, it was stated in the judgment. However, at the rape reception centre at Sørlandet Hospital in Kristiansand, sperm remains from the 25 year old were found in the woman’s vagina.

In addition to the prison sentence, the man was sentenced to pay NOK 175,000 in reimbursement compensation to the woman. The verdict was unanimous.


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