Taste for whale

Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg a taste for whaleMinister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Frp). Photo: regjeringen.no

Minister of Fisheries wants to give Oslo children a taste for whale

Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg gives close to NOK 1.2 million to Geitmyra Food Culture Center and Norsk Hval. The money is meant to give children in eastern Norway good seafood experiences. This includes giving them a taste for whale.

We’re going to take children’s diet seriously. Children and youngsters eat more sweets than fish, and seafood consumption in Norway is on the way down. Giving children knowledge about food and good experiences is one of the most important investments we can make for the future,” says Per Sandberg, Minister of Fisheries.

Whale meat is healthy

The Minister of Fisheries also gives 200,000 to the brand association for Norwegian Whale (Norsk Hval). They will conduct a series of activities in collaboration with Geitmyra Food Culture Center, and have also applied for support for courses for children and young people under ‘Matstreif’ (Food search)  in Oslo. The goal is to have children and adolescents discover whale meat and help whale become an important part of the Norwegian diet.

These are good measures to get more attention on whale meat. Whale is a healthy alternative to red meat and is good for health. By collaborating with Geitmyra and Matstreif, they help to raise Norwegian whales, which is probably an unknown but exciting raw material for many children and young people in the Oslo area,” says Minister of Fisheries, Sandberg.


Working with Fish, photo: regjeringen.no


The money distributed to Geitmyra and Norwegian Whale is part of the subsidy scheme ‘Sea Measures’, a scheme where the Ministry of Food and Fisheries supports projects that help to provide children and young people with good seafood tastings and create good dietary habits in the early years in life. In the long run, this will help increase the seafood consumption of the Norwegian population


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