The Norwegian government wants to tighten the taxi industry rules

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The Norwegian government wants to tighten the taxi industry rules again and, among other things, set stricter competence requirements. The Conservatives (H) think the move would make it more expensive.

The proposal will shortly be sent for consultation, the Ministry of Transport wrote in a press release on Monday. Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård believes that the Solberg government’s liberalization of the taxi industry has led to overcapacity in the cities.

“One year ago, the previous government introduced new rules for the taxi industry. This entailed, among other things, a release in the number of licensees, removal of means-testing, and removal of requirements for connection to a taxi center. This has led to a situation where more than 4,000 new taxi licenses have been issued in the last year alone, which seems to have led to overcapacity in the cities,” he said.

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He believes that the deregulation has also led to the authorities having a smaller overview of the taxi service and increasing the risk of undeclared work. They also fear that the deregulation could make taxi services in the districts more uncertain.

The government also wants to continue to set requirements for taximeters in taxis. It also wants to make more demands on the taxi industry, including requirements for competence for licensees, as well as a bank guarantee, requirements for a roof lamp, and registration as a taxi in the vehicle register.

It has long been known that the government wants to tighten the rules in taxi industry. However, it is unclear how they will withdraw the new licenses that have been issued after the last reform.

Conservatives: More expensive

The Conservative Party, which led the way in the introduction of the taxi reform, believes that the government will create monopoly conditions, increased prices, and poorer competition.

“A reversal results in a more expensive and poorer taxi service. A strictly regulated taxi industry will not be able to adapt to today’s market,” transport policy spokesman Trond Helleland (H) said.

He thinks the left is running errands for the taxi companies in Norway, and he thinks the government’s arguments are dubious.

“The Minister of Transport and Communications (Jon-Ivar Nygård) also uses poorer services in the districts as an argument, but the taxi reform only covers the 33 largest municipalities in Norway. In the 323 smallest municipalities, there may still be exclusive rights,” Helleland stated.

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