The total costs related to Norway’s new fighter jets estimated at 324 billion kroner

F-35 fighter jets - Frank Bakke-JensenPhoto: Ned Alley / NTB

The new fighter jets have a purchase price of NOK 90.2 billion and will cost NOK 225.8 billion to operate over their lifetime. Furthermore, their bases must be upgraded for NOK 8.3 billion.

The outgoing government revealed the estimate in its budget proposal, which assumes that the dollar exchange rate will remain at around NOK 8.7.

The expected lifetime cost for the 52 aircraft the Norwegian parliament (Storting) has decided to buy has varied greatly in recent years in line with the dollar exchange rate.

Two years ago, the Armed Forces estimated that the lifetime costs of the aircraft until 2054 would end at NOK 276 billion. Last year the estimate was NOK 353 billion, while this year’s estimate is NOK 316 billion.

“There is also some uncertainty associated with the procurement of weapons, the further development program, as well as the ability to maintain sufficient capacity,” this year’s budget proposal notes.

Increased emissions of greenhouse gases

The new F35 fighter jets will contribute to increased emissions of greenhouse gases than the F16s. According to the Armed Forces’ own estimate, emissions from the aircraft fleet will increase by just over 200% towards 2030, compared with 2018.

However, the Armed Forces’ total emissions fell by 4% last year, but this is attributed to the corona pandemic, which led to roughly a halving of the number of flights for employees in the defense sector.

“The Armed Forces will contribute to cuts in climate emissions at the same time as the national operational defense capability is maintained,” this year’s budget proposal notes.

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