Three arrested for rape in Stavanger

Police StavangerPolice Car, Photo: NT Media

Three arrested for rape in the Stavanger district

Three men have been arrested and charged with raping of another man in Stavanger. All involved are in their twenties.

This reports the police in Stavanger on Twitter. Police were the night before Sunday notified about one rape on Jæren and two in Stavanger. The reports ticked in respectively at 2.31, 2.45 and 3.39 am.

– The case on Jæren and one incident in Stavanger seems clarified after questioning, and investigations show that they are likely not rape cases, according to later reports from the police.

Man raped by three others

In the third rape case, where the aggrieved person is a man, three men in their twenties are arrested and charged.

– The accused men have not made any statements yet, says Operations Manager Victor Jensen in the South Western Police District to VG.

Police have few details so far, and can neither say what connection there is between the involved men and between them and the crime scene. The insulted man has been sent to the rape reception centre in Stavanger. In addition, the police are conducting technical investigations at the scene.


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