Three charged with gross thefts of older women


Three men are charged with 15 gross thefts of women over 90 years. They apparently found their victims by searching online for those born in the 1920s.


The three men are Polish-Swedish drifters. In many of the cases, the men rang the doorbell of these women and stated they came from home service, Aftenposten writes. Then they allegedly asked to come in and look after their hands and feet.

One woman was robbed of a gold ring with emeralds, another lost three gold rings and a third was robbed two pearl necklaces.

– “I can confirm that we have confiscated computer equipment that shows that they searched online to find women over 90 years old. Then they tried to get into the homes by saying they came from home services of the municipality,” says police adviser Mona Brandmo in Oslo police district to the newspaper.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today