Three and a half years in prison for fake police act

Court, acquitted of gang rape raping double murdee Court .Photo

A 42 years old Swedish citizen live in Gulating sentenced to three years and six months in prison by Court of Appeal for two rapes case of prostitutes.

According Stavanger Aftenblad the prosecutor asked about five years in prison. The man has introduced himself as a police officer and then threaten prostitute for sex.

Ruling of Gulating Court of Appeal makes it clear that he promised not to disturb child welfare, family and authorities against sex from prostitute.

The Court of Appeal sees “very serious” that he used a fake police identity.

This was not satisfying the victims. He has admitted that he used the fake police identity and had sexual contact with the women, but denies rape.

The man was in Stavanger District Court in March this year while he was sentenced to twelve years in prison for the rape of eight women. In the Court of Appeal, he was also found guilty of eight rapes, but professional judges sat much of the jury’s verdict aside.

The verdict came Tuesday resolves two rape cases. The other six rape cases which he has been indicted, will be considered by a new law.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today