Three moose were shot after attack on boys in Valdres

mooseMoose. Photo: NJFF

A mother elk and two calves are shot after the mother elk attacked two boys in Øystre Slidre in Valdres.

The Elk has been a well-known sight in the housing estate at Rogne in Øystre Slidre for several years, but this is the first time it has tried to attack people, according to the forestry manager Tale Nedberg.

“There have been attempts to scare her away and get her to establish herself somewhere else earlier, but she has always returned to the area around the school,” she told Oppland Arbeiderblad.

Two boys, eight and nine years of age were on snow sleighs at Rogne School when the elk tried to attacked.

  • They boys did not see the elk until she bucked over a snow drift and ran towards them raising her hind legs and kicking the ground, says neighbor Arne Rogne to the newspaper.

The boys were frightened but not injured after the incident on Wednesday. The day after the hunt for the animals started.

The twin calves had to be killed with their mother because, according to the forest manager, they would probably still reside in the same area, which would not be desirable.

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