Thor still busy – yellow alert in the East

thunder lightningThor is out exercising his throwing skills. Stay away from exposed places in eastern Norway. Photo: Jon Kallestad /

Thor still busy – yellow alert in Eastern Norway

Thor is swinging his hammer. Heavy rain showers locally on Sunday afternoon and evening. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NMI) has issued yellow hazard warning for the whole of eastern Norway and Agder.

Heavy rainfall over eastern Norway during the night led to floods in several places.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is now warning against yet another evening with large amounts of rain and thunder. Yellow hazard warning for thunder and heavy rain showers now applies to all of Eastern Norway and Agder.

“It is difficult to say exactly when and where the clouds appear. The potential is, however, certainly there for more places to experience similar storms same as yesterday,” state meteorologist at NMI, Håvard Thorset, tells NTB.

“If you’re out and about, then you should be prepared for sudden overwater on the road should you run into a rain shower,” he adds.



Danger of forest fires in the north

At the same time as it rains in the south, yellow forest fire hazard warning has been issued further north. This forecast applies to Trøndelag, parts of Møre & Romsdal and large parts of Northern Norway. At Helgeland the hazard level is orange.

“Citizens are encouraged to be very careful with open fires,” Thorset emphasizes.

Torrential rain in eastern Norway

Several roads became impassable in the capital during the night before Sunday. At Oppsaltoppen in Oslo, a huge tree – in the middle of the settlement – was hit by powerful lightning and destroyed. lightning also hit a house in the north of Oslo, without causing a fire.

“There has been a fierce storm here. Many young people felt unsafe when they did not know what happened as several close lightning bolts gave off sharp bangs,” Operations Manager of Oslo Police District, Guro Sandnes, tells NTB.

The Road Traffic Centre Eastern Norway reports of local floods in several places after the severe storm.

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