Tine & Tetra-Pak tops admit to corruption

Tine milk Tetra-PakTine milk in Tetra-Pak containers .Photo: Tine / Norway Today Media

Tine top admits to corruption in the Tetra-Pak case

Two corruption accused tops from the dairy giant Tine and the packaging supplier Tetra-Pak have admitted to parts of the indictment. It, therefore, looks to head towards a case of admitted guilt.


According to the financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv For several years, Tine’s former Purchasing Manager has admitted guilt for several of the conditions forming the allegation of gross corruption. The newspaper revealed in 2017 that the Purchasing Manager for several years had been provided with dinners, club evenings and spa visits by Tetra-Pak’s Norwegian CEO.

It was originally set aside five weeks for the trial against the two, but due to the concessions made in recent months, the trial will instead be settled as a so-called confession case. The monetary value in the original accusation is lowered, but the indictments are still considered as gross corruption.

Admits overstepping the limit

Lawyer Ann Johnsen, who defends Tine’s former Procurement Manager, does not wish to go into the details of the case since it will be dealt with by the Oslo District Court next week. The Defence Lawyer for Tetra-Pak’s CEO, Nadia Christina Hall, in the lawyer firm Elden, will not elaborate on her client’s explanation, either.

Hall states, however, that her client acknowledges that the limit for legal customer care has been overstepped and will recognise the penalties due in accordance with the indictment. According to Hall, the Economic Crime Unit, Økokrim, has limited the charge to unlawful representation expenses of NOK 200,000.


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