Tourist busses “banned” from Oslo Centre

Tourist busses busTourist bus in the mountains. Photo by Juan Encalada / Unsplash

Tourist busses “banned” from the Centre of Oslo

The city environment office of the Oslo municipality asks the tourist buses to stay outside Ring 1, with the exception of a few streets behind the harbour warehouse.

This appears in a brochure called «Recommended driving pattern for tourist buses in the centre of Oslo». The case is first mentioned by Finansavisen.

Certified Oslo Guide, Tove Gjersrud, is very sceptical towards the measure.

“We are going to drive through tunnels. Or is it supposed that we must drive up to Ekeberg and view the city from there? We do not feel that Oslo welcomes these tourists,” Tove Gjersrud tells Finansavisen.

She is a candidate for the Conservatives for the upcoming local elections but emphasises to the newspaper that she speaks out as an Oslo Guide in this case.

Won’t see tourist attractions

Gjersrud says the city council’s recommendation means that tourists do not see either the Parliament, Kvadraturen (the square), the City Hall, the Fortress, Karl Johans gate, the Cathedral or the National Theater from the bus seat.

The brochure states that it is not recommended to use the central streets within Ring 1 for traffic, due to frequent public transport and the ongoing road work. This concerns, among other streets, Stortingsgata.

“I understand that one should not be in the way of public transport. But what is a bus if it is not public transport?” Gjersrud asks.

Challenges the industry

In an email to Finansavisen, the City Council Secretary, Kari-Anne Isaksen (MDG), writes that the city council is concerned that all tourists in Oslo should be able to move around quickly and easily.

Growth in the tourism industry in recent years suggests that «There is little evidence of displeasure among the tourists, or that the conditions are poorly prepared».

Isaksen rather challenges the tourist industry to rethink and writes that there is increasingly less space in Oslo.

«It is not certain that large tourist buses are the most efficient way to transport tourists in the future», Isaksen concludes.

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