Traffic is normal on the Østfold line

Train line rails and wheels Spanish couple Train Delays Østfold lineRailway .Photo: Norway Today Media

Traffic is back to normal on the Østfold line

Both the Østfold line (Østfoldbanen) and Dovre line (Dovrebanen) experienced problems due to rail buckling on Tuesday. Østfold line was closed for several hours, and on Dovre line two cars jumped on the track.


The Østfold line was closed between Fredrikstad and Råde on Tuesday afternoon due to the first rail buckling incident of the year, Media Spokesperson in Bane Nor, Linda-Theres Trondsen, announces. Traffic was however not normal until 10:15 pm Tuesday evening, reports NRK.

Rail buckling occurs when the metal of the track expands due to heat, making the track to get twisted. Track Nor monitors the rail tracks, and trains also reduce speed where there is danger of this happening. If the worst comes to worst, trains running on rails that have expanded can derail.

On Tuesday there was also an accident reported due to rail buckling on the railway line just south of Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen. Passenger Ragnar Møller thought it was talk of derailment.

– It was so forceful that luggage dropped from the shelves and people fell into the aisle, he told NRK.

Only after half an hour the train was stopped and checked. Communications Manager in NSB, Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, confirms that two carriages are damaged.

– There was an unevenness in the movement of the two last wagons due to rail buckling and the shock absorbers between those carriages were damaged, says Lundeby.


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