Treatment of elderly with coronavirus in Sweden lambasted by supervisory authority

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Serious deficiencies have been discovered in the care and treatment of the elderly with COVID-19 in Sweden’s nursing homes. One in five patients did not receive an individual doctor’s consultation.

The information emerged in a national review from the Swedish supervisory authority IVO (Inspection for Care and Nursing).

“This is strong criticism, and it’s very serious. It is clear in the legislation what the inhabitants can expect when it comes to health and care,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said.

“The regions must ensure that everyone receives the care they are entitled to, and that has not worked,” he added.

Wants to be the best in the world

Sweden’s elderly “must have the world’s best elderly care,” Löfven added.

IVO concluded that none of the health regions had taken responsibility for safe care and treatment adapted to patients’ individual needs with suspected or proven COVID-19. 

A review of medical records shows that a fifth of the elderly in nursing homes did not receive an individual doctor’s consultation.

“That is a very high number, and it is not acceptable,” Director General of IVO Sofia Wallström said.

No information

The investigation also showed that the elderly and their relatives did not receive information. 

They also weren’t allowed to receive care and treatment in case of suspected or proven corona infection.

Decisions and implementation of care in the end-of-life phase have also not taken place in accordance with current regulations during the pandemic for the elderly in nursing homes.

It is impossible to keep track of corona patients’ care and treatment in nursing homes due to deficiencies in the primary health service’s patient records.

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