Trump complains about “unfair” treatment of Flynn

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Trump complains about “unfair” treatment of Flynn

US President Donald Trump believes former security adviser Michael Flynn, who admits to have committed perjury towards the FBI, has been treated unjustly. That he saw the necessity of firing him after less than a month in office is of course a moot point.


At the same time, the president’s attorney claims that Trump can not be blamed for attempting to hinder the investigation, as opponents have claimed. John Dowd is obviously positioning himself to be the fall guy for Trump’s latest outbursts on Twitter.

“I think it’s a shame,” Trump said on Monday when he once again criticized Robert Mueller investigation into Russia’s role in the elections.

Trump adds that Flynn’s situation is “very unfair”. The president once again atttempted to compare the tratment of Flynn to that of of his democratic rival in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, which Trump claims to have “lied to the FBI many times with no concequence”

“Flynn lied and then they destroyed his life,” Trump told the press in Washington.

Attorney to the rescue

the FBI has however not concluded that Clinton lied to the agents in connection with her use of a private email server. The agency’s boss at the time, James Comey who was also dismissed by Trump, last year stated that they had no grounds to believe that she lied to the FBI. Flynn has, on the other hand, admitted perjury regarding contacting the Russian ambassador on behalf of Trump.

In an interview with the news site Axios, lawyer John Dowd on Monday strikes back on those critical to Trump.

– They have accused the President of interfering with the ongoing investigation of former security advisor Michael Flynn, who now collaborates with Mueller’s investigation, Dowd states

– The president can not prevent investigation because, according to the Constitution, he is the supreme leader of the police and as such is entitled to comment on any matter, says Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant to his Twitter account.

Controversial Tweet

The president’s critics have especially focused on a Twitter message that was released this weekend.

– I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has stated to be guilty of these lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transitional period were in line with the law. There was nothing to hide, Trump wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Should you believe Trump’s message on Twitter, it means that the president asked the FBI to drop the investigation of a staff member whom Trump knew had committed a crime – lying to the FBI. It can be interpreted as an attempt to halt the ongoing investigation, which could then form the basis of an arbitration case.


– The Twitter message did not allow the investigation to be hindered. It shows a lack of knowledge and is an arrogant assertion, says Dowd, who has previously assumed the responsibility for writing the message.

Sources close to the Trump administration have stated the same to Washington Post, and have dubbed the message sloppy and unfortunate.

– I’m not a tweeter, it was not meant to make headlines, Dowd told NBC, and has explained that he made a message draft that he dictated orally.

Democrats primary representative of the Senate’s Justice Committee, Dianne Feinstein from California, has said that the committee is considering whether a case can be made against Trump for attempting to hinder investigation.

On a side note, we warn our friends and children against sharing access to social profiles in Norway,  Presidents obviously don’t have to do so, as long as they don’t use private mail servers.


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