TRUMP: “EU Treats U.S. Badly”

President Donald Trump walks down the steps of Air Force One, Thursday, June 28, 2018, in Andrews Air Force Base. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Sunday, July 1st, United States President Donald J. Trump gave comment upon his ongoing trade wars with both Beijing & Europe; saying that he believes that the E.U. is perhaps as bad as China on trade.


In an interview Sunday with Fox News, President Trump was asked whether it would be better to partner with Washington’s European allies in trying to effect a change in China’s trade practices. Answering, Trump said: “No. They (the E.U.) treat us badly, they treat us very unfairly.’ –

“The EU is possibly as bad as China, just smaller. It’s terrible what they do to us.’ –

“Look what they do to our farmers; they don’t want our farm products. In all fairness they have their farmers so they want to protect their farmers. But we don’t protectours and they protect theirs.” – said the President.

Beyond tariffs, President Trump repeated his claim that the U.S. “spends a fortune” upon NATO to “protect” Europe. The U.S. president is calling upon its E.U. allies to increase defense spending, saying it’s “unfair” that the U.S. contributes so heavily.

President Trump said: “I can say it better in a different way. They (the E.U.) made, last year, $151bn USD in trade surplus. We (America) had a deficit with the E.U., and on top of that, we spend a fortune on NATO to protect them.”

President Trump has announced that he’ll increase the tariff upon cars imported from the E.U., responding to the E.U.’s new tariffs upon a number of U.S. products such as jeans, motorcycles & whiskey. The E.U. introduced these new custom duties after the
U.S. imposed an additional duty upon steel & aluminum that became effective July 1st.

The U.S. president also said he’s not happy with the NAFTA agreement with Mexico & Canada, but gave that he’ll wait until after the middle of November before he decides on potential future plans.

President Trump’s comments precede his pending trip to Brussels to attend an E.U. summit slated for July 11th, after which he’ll make his controversial first presidential visit to Britain before continuing on to his meeting with Russian President Putin in Helsinki, Finland on July 16th.


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