Two missing, and two taken to hospital after a fire in an aluminum plant in Vestre Toten

Metallco Aluminium ASMetallco Aluminium AS.Photo: Totens Blad Marit Mathisen / NTB scanpix

Two people are missing, and two people are seriously injured after an explosion started a fire at a smelting plant at Eina, in Vestre Toten on Friday morning.


The police were alerted of the fire at Metallco Aluminum AS, a little south of Eina, at 06.20 on Friday morning. There were several explosions, and the building was badly damaged.

Pictures taken by Totenblad newspaper at the site, show that the destruction of the industrial plant is extensive. Large gas tanks have been destroyed, and the factory building is completely burned out.

‘It started with an explosion, and it’s a very powerful fire, so it’s hard for the fire service on site,’ said Operation Manager, Marianne Brun, to NRK news at 08.00.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today