Two out of three think there is too much focus on gifts at Christmas

Christmas GiftsChristmas Gifts.Photo:

In a new survey, two thirds of respondents said that ‘there is too much focus’ on gifts at Christmas. Almost nobody responded that gifts get too little attention.


Only 1% answered ‘too little’ to a question Norstat asked on behalf of Vårt Land newspaper. ‘Is there too little, just right, or is there too much focus on Christmas presents at Christmas?’ Approximately a third said it was just right, while a fairly solid majority responded too much.

Men and women have similar views on the gifts, but there are variations between age groups. 42% in the age group below 30 thinks it is appropriate that a lot of attention is given to the gifts, while about 75% of those over 50 think gift giving is getting too much.

Rødt and Miljøpartiet De Grønne (MDG) voters are most sceptical about too many presents, 88% and 84% of those voters, respectively, think the gift giving role is too big. Only 59% of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) voters responded the same. Here, 42% chose the answer ‘just right’.

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