Uigur expelled from Norway, as PST believes he is affiliated with IS

Oslo district court, Oslo courthouse, Female fraudster Tøyen Murder 51 years in prison AmmerudOslo district court. Photo: domstolen.com

An Uigur, who has been living in Norway has been charged by the Police Security Service (PST) for terrorism in Syria, reported VG newspaper.


VG referred to a recent verdict from Oslo District Court, which had dealt with a lawsuit from the Uigur and his lawyer. They wanted an expulsion decision against the alleged terrorist converted, something the district court rejected.

In 2014, the man received a residence permit with refugee status in Norway, but when the Norwegian authorities requested a renewal application a few months later, he had left the country without renewing it. Thus, he was expelled.
In September 2017 he returned to Norway, and shortly afterwards he was arrested and detained before being sentenced to ten months in prison for breach of the expulsion decision.

Then PST had already established an investigation against him, which is still ongoing, according to VG newspaper’s information.

According to the newspaper, PST believes that the man, for some reason,may be suspected of having been connected to a militant Islamic terrorist organisation in Syria associated with IS or Jabhat al-Nusra.

The ruling from Oslo District Court stated that the man, questioned by PST, had acknowledged that he had been in Syria during periods in 2013 and 2014.

However, he claimed that he had never been a part of IS and that the purpose of the trip was to support the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), who are
fighting for the Uighurs to return their country. He claimed he was helping a friend out of Syria, and that he stayed in an area controlled by TIP.

The district court did not believe his explanation, partly because the man’s story changed along the way.

VG has been in contact with the man’s lawyer, Adrian Norense Idehen, who had no further comments at this time.


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