Record Norwegian support to the UN

Norway with record-high support to the UN in 2019. Photo:

Record Norwegian support to the UN in 2019

Norway increases the total core support to six UN organisations to over NOK 3 billion. This is the highest amount Norway has ever given to these organisations, seen together. In a world with large unmet humanitarian needs and continued poverty challenges, Norway wishes to remain a significant and principled supporter of the United Nations.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) has paid more than NOK 3 billion in core support to UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women, WFP and UNHCR in 2019.

In addition, Norway provides substantial funds in earmarked support to these organisations.

NOK 10 billion in 2018

Norway also contributes with support to a number of other UN organisations and programs, which, throughout the world, contribute to securing rights, alleviating distress and combating poverty. In total, Norway provided NOK 10 billion in assistance via UN organisations in 2018.

“Core support is an important support for the United Nations in order for a predictable and stable operation, and to be able to implement its strategic plans. Predictability is also important for achieving faster and more effective humanitarian response. Norway will, therefore, increase the use of multi-year contributions to our most important international partners,” Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Søreide, states.

“As a donor country, we are concerned that the UN organisations show that they work efficiently, coordinated and show openness, in line with the guidelines Norway and other countries have adopted in the organisations’ boards,” Eriksen continues.

In order to achieve good and measurable results, UN organisations need stable and predictable funding. That is why Norway pledges multi-year core support to the organisations that we have particularly close cooperation with, as they are important partners to achieve the global sustainability goals by 2030.

“Norway wants to be a stable partner for the UN, with clear conditions that aid should be used in the most effective way for the benefit of the people it is intended for. We are committed to include vulnerable groups such as disabled, to strengthen women’s rights and combat human trafficking. A significant part of the Norwegian funds is used to provide children with better schooling and health. Promoting democracy and good governance are also vital,” Norwegian Minister for Development, Dag-Inge Ulstein, chimes in.



Norwegian core support to the UN in 2019

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