Rejects immigration decision by the Liberals

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Solberg rejects immigration decision by the Liberals

Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg (Conservatives), rejects the proposal from the Liberals (Venstre) that undocumented immigrants ought to receive the same health care offer as legal residents in Norway.

The Liberals want a rematch regarding softening of the asylum and refugee policies. This, along with several other proposals, was adopted by the National Convention of the political party.

The most controversial part of the decision concerns undocumented immigrants in Norway, writes Bergens Tidende.

The proposal entails that undocumented immigrants will have the same rights to health care as Norwegians and everybody else with a valid residence permit.

Cooperate and leave

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Høyre) disagrees with the proposal.

“If you do not have a legal residence in Norway, you shall receive emergency assistance, but you are not entitled to other health services. If you don’t possess a legal residence in Norway, you must cooperate with respect to your identity and leave Norway,” she reacts.

Asked if this is a proposal the Liberals can get acceptance for in Government, the Prime Minister replies:

“It is a proposal that I am against, at least. They, therefore, have to define it more detailed what they really mean by it.”

Important for public health

The Leader of the Liberals, Trine Skei Grande, explains that it is important for public health that anyone residing in the country has a health care offer.

“I do not want the person sitting behind me on the bus, coughing to have tuberculosis. It is a typical disease that this group currently does not get help with,” she continues.

Grande responds to the opposition of the Prime Minister as follows:

“If so, I believe that she relates to an ideal world. I don’t want persons in Norway, who do not have their paperwork in order, either. I believe, for my part, that we will always have some. We must, therefore, have safety valves in place.”

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