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Unemployment drops among immigrants



Unemployment continues to fall among immigrants in Norway. 5.6% of immigrants were completely unemployed in the fourth quarter last year, a decline of 0.9% from 2016.


The percentages from Statistics Norway mean that 3,235 fewer immigrants were registered fully unemployed in the fourth quarter of 2017, measured against the same period in 2016.

By comparison, unemployment among the population was 1.7%. The survey showed that the decline among immigrants was at 1.2%, while among women it was 0.5%.

Highest unemployment was registered among immigrants from Africa, where 9.6% were completely unemployed. However, this must be seen in light of the fact that many in that group are refugees. But also in that group, unemployment has declined.

Approximately 1,581 of those who had a job were from EU countries in eastern Europe.

All counties apart from Finnmark saw a decline in unemployment among immigrants.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


1 Comment on "Unemployment drops among immigrants"

  1. It is true between immigrants and far away from refugees. It is even semi-impossible to have a job interview as a refugee who has a high education and strong experience.

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