The United States wants to build hangars for surveillance aircraft in Norway

Andøya AirportAndøya Airport.Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

The United States wants to build hangars in Norway for its P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft. Andøya may be relevant.


Last week, an American delegation visited both Andøya and Evenes. Then the delegation expressed that the United States today prefers Andøya as the choice location for future MPA tours in the north.

The Armed Forces Operational Headquarters (FOH) confirms the visit to without compromising the purpose and outcome of the visit.

“We have had a visit by an American delegation in Andøya and Evenes.

We do not want to comment the specifics of the visits, but regular visits from both Americans and other Allies are taking place to facilitate both the ongoing exercise and training activities, as well as look at allied reinforcement conditions that are part of our defense concept and security policy priorities.” Writes headquarters press officer, Major Brynjar Stordal, in an email to the website.

Other sources of defense, however, indicate that the US delegation primarily wanted to research the possibility of building hangars for US P-8A surveillance aircraft in Norway.

In the Norwegian Air Force, P-8A Poseidon will replace today’s P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft.

Three US P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft that have been in Norway since August remain in Norway so far, according to FOH.

The planes had used Bodø Airport as a base, but this weekend the U. S. Navy began to move them to Andøya.


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