Van containing 2 tons of alcohol

Alcohol Customs confiscateThe customs confiscates 1 977 liters of alcohol. Photo: Norwegian Customs

Van containing close to 2 tons of alcohol stopped at the border

A customs patrol from Kongsvinger revealed 1 977 litres of alcohol in a van on Friday morning. The driver escaped into the woods.


The “Norwegian registered” Volkswagen Transporter was observed at half past six Friday morning when it entered into Norway via the unmanned border crossing at Bastuknappen. Customs were able to stop the van, but the driver rapidly skiddadled into the forest.

The customs officers found that the car was filled up with alcohol; 1 788 liters of beer and 189 litres of spirits amounting to NOK 178 500 in undeclared taxes.

When the car was stopped, the registration number plate was found to be fake and the original Polish registration was found inside the car. The van was converted for smuggling purposes. The Customs Office have requested that the car to be impounded, as is usual in these cases.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today