“War zone” in Hamburg during the G20 summit

Police Demonstration G20 SummitPolice Demonstration. Pixabay.com

“War zone” in Hamburg during the G20 summit

The fire department in Hamburg is carrying out extinguishing work after protesters lighted police cars before the opening of the G20 summit.


Friday morning, new turmoil broke out before the first day of the G20 summit. According to the police, the protesters used Molotov cocktails and set patrol cars on fire near the police station in the Altona district of Hamburg.

Several cars are also alighted in the road that runs along the banks of the Elbchausee River. The police have not yet informed how many, but according to the German newspaper Bild, between 25 and 30 cars are set on fire.

“It feels a bit like being in a war zone,” according to a news reporter representing TT.

Trump had to make a detour

German police have used water cannons to dissolve a group of around 100 protesters blocking one of the routes US President Donald Trump was expected to use to reach the meeting.

Trump was however delayed by the protesters, but arrived at the conference center Friday morning after making a detour. He was one of the last state leaders to arrive at the meeting.

Police reported that 29 people were arrested after Thursday’s demonstrations; another 15 were arrested during the night. 111 police officers were injured following Thursday’s violent clashes between protesters and police.

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For the democracy

One of Trump’s sharpest critics, New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio, unexpectedly arrived in Hamburg on Thursday night to attend the planned peaceful demonstrations against the meeting. One of the protest organizers states that De Blasio will speak during a demonstration on  human rights and democracy.

Another protest group called Color The Red Zone told CNN Friday morning that their goal was to make it difficult for the G20 leaders to attend the actual summit. They encourage people to stay in the so-called red zones in Hamburg – streets that are cordoned of with barriers, intended for transportation of the attendees.

We live in a democracy, and the red zone is not democratic, says Karl S, a student from Düsseldorf who does not want to reveal his last name to CNN.

100.000 expected

A number of protest organizers say Friday that they have met to demonstrate in favour of democracy.

It is not fair that a few countries at a summit can decide what will happen to the rest of the world, says another protest leader.

Around 30 demonstrations are announced in advance, organized by everything from opponents of globalization, environmentalists, trade unions, students and religious groups.

It is expected that as many as 100,000 people will attend the main event on Saturday.

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