Wara to change Passport Act to prevent child sex-abusers from leaving Norway

Justice Minister Tor Mikkel WaraJustice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) will change the Passport Act so that persons convicted of sexual assault against children can not leave the country.

On Wednesday, Kristelig Folkeparti (KrF) politician, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad,took up the matter during the parliamentary Question Time, and demanded a reply from the Minister for Justice. Wara replied that he wanted to change the passport act.

“We aim to send a proposal for a change to the Passport Act after consultation before the summer, which allows us to set conditions for prevention of leaving the country,” said Wara to TV 2 news.

Last week, TV 2 revealed that a Norwegian who had previously been sentenced for sexual abuse against children had been arrested for possession of illegal material by Thai police.

The Norwegian man arrested in Thailand had been featured in several reports last year, and had himself stated that he has “pedophile features”. He had been convicted eleven times in Norway, among other things, for gross abuse of children. When he moved to Thailand, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for sexual abuse, but he applied for a passport, something he received,and left Norway at the end of his sentence.

According to Thai media, the man was watching assault videos on his laptop when the police entered the man’s residence. He lives with his Thai wife and,according to the channel, several children live with them.


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