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Penalty sank Norway when France won 2-1 in the World Cup

Nice, France..A controversial VAR penalty gave France a 2-1 victory in Wednesday's World Cup match.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix


Ingrid Syrstad Engen cleared the ball but crossed Marion Torrent’s leg afterwards. A controversial VAR penalty gave France a 2-1 victory in Wednesday’s World Cup match.

Torrent was lying down in pain after the event in the 70th minute of a match where the score had stood 1-1. While she was receiving treatment, referee Bibiana Steinhaus was told to check the incident at the video screen, and to the crowd’s delight and Norwegian despair, she gave a penalty.

Maren Mjelde led the way in vain with Norwegian protests. Eugénie Le Sommer, a player from Lyon, shot the penalty kick into the corner of the net.

Norway’s coach, Martin Sjögren, made offensive changes in the hunt for 2-2, but it was too much for Norway on Wednesday night.

‘’I am extremely proud of how we played today. We played quite smoothly against the big favourite to win the World Cup’’ said the national team manager to NRK news.

He didn’t want to say much about the decisive penalty situation.

‘’I did not see the situation, so I can not comment on it’’ said Sjögren.

Great chance

France took the lead seconds out in the second half with the “over-the-top” from Valérie Gauvin. An incomprehensible home-goal by Wendie Renard eight minutes later gave Norway the equalizer which for some time seemed to give Norway a valuable World Cup point.

It was a heroic Norwegian effort against 11 home favourites and almost 35,000 home fans.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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