Whistleblower in KrF joins the Conservatives

Julia Sandstø whistleblowerJulia Sandstø. Photo: Baard Fiksdal / nho.no

Whistleblower in KrF, Sandstø, joins the Conservatives

Julia Sandstø, who in January warned of sexual harassment in KrF changes allegiance. The whistleblower leaves the Christian Democrats (KrF) and joins the Conservatives (Høyre).


– I report a change to the Conservatives for political reasons. It’s something I’ve considered for a long time, ever since I was in school discussions where I had a lot in common with the Conservatives, Julia Sandstø tells the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

She withdrew from all positions in the KrFU in January because she felt that she was not believed after she stood up with her account of sexual harassment in the youth organisation of the Christian Democrats. After a challenging year, she is now looking forward and says her aim is for a city council seat for the Conservatives. At the same time, she expresses her feelings regarding the manner in which the KrF management handled her whistleblowing case.

Mission: Impossible

– The reason I stayed in KrF for so long was that I had the ambition to make KrF a more encompassing political party, a party for other than Christians as well. But that turned out to be impossible. The Christian Democrats are too slow on the uptake and unable to renew itself, Sandstø states.

– The Conservative Party is a political party I feel more at home in. A political party where the private is equal to the public services rather than being frowned upon. We do not want to place pillows under the armpits of people, but rather to stand up for those who need it, she elaborates.


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