White Christmas in the north – gray in the south

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Troms and Finnmark are set to have a white Christmas. In the rest of the country there will be rain, gray weather and plus degrees. “Not much that suggests Christmas,” says meteorologist.

With less than a week left until Christmas Eve, many are excited about the weather forecast.

In all regions, with the exception of the two northernmost counties, there will be plus degrees and mild weather in the time ahead – and no snow.

“There is not much to suggest Christmas, no,” says meteorologist Charalampos Sarchosidis at the Meteorological Institute to NTB.

Warm in the west
In Western Norway, temperatures are likely to rise over the next few days. The warmest could be in Bergen with a full 12 plus degrees on Friday.

The reason for all the plus degrees around the country is a warm wind blowing north from an unusually warm Europe.

“It’s warm all over Europe at the moment, and in some places in southern Europe it’s about 20 degrees now. It’s pretty unusual so late in the year, it doesn’t tend to be as warm as this,” says Sarchosidis.

White Christmas in the north
According to the meteorologist, the plus degrees will extend all the way up to Nordland, which also cannot count on a white Christmas.

In Troms and Finnmark, the minus degrees will continue towards Christmas Eve. It may depend on precipitation in some places closer to Christmas Eve, and in that case it will come as snow.

It is especially cold in eastern Finnmark and in the Finnmarksvidda area, with temperatures down to minus 15 degrees.

Rain and gray
On Thursday there will be a new round of rainfall throughout southern Norway, starting in Western Norway on Thursday morning and spreading east. By Thursday afternoon, there will be rainfall throughout southern Norway.

Friday will be gray and rainy over large parts of Eastern Norway. The rainfall will subside well before Christmas Eve, and according to Sarchosidis, there won’t be much snowfall in the southern part of Norway.

“If you want a white Christmas in southern Norway you have to go high up in the mountains,” says the meteorologist.

On Christmas Eve it will rain the most in western Norway, and otherwise there will be unstable weather in central Norway, including Trøndelag. In Nordland there will also be some showers and unstable weather, while in Eastern Norway it will be dry on Christmas Eve.

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