Will deal with satellite project ASAP

SatelliteIllustration.Satellite. Photo: Pixabay

The presidency will deal with demands to stop satellite project ASAP

The presidency of the Norwegian Parliament says yes to SV and Red’s proposal to speedily handle the demand to stop the satellite project that is to provide broadband to US forces.


The Government has been criticized by both the peace movement and several parties in the Parliament after giving the go ahead to guarantee NOK 1 billion towards the Norwegian satellites, reports NRK. The project was verified by the Parliament last week.

The Parliament did not know at the time that Norway will provide broadband via Norwegian satellites for use by US military forces north of the Arctic Circle. US nuclear submarines can also be connected to the broadband network.

On Tuesday evening, the presidency said yes to the demand that The Socialist Party (SV) and Red has made. The matter will be handled urgently, says Red’s parliamentary group to NTB.

Both the House of Representatives in the United States and US military sources have stated that Norway will provide broadband for US forces.

Nuclear Weapons

-The US has made nuclear weapons a more central part of its military strategy and lowers the threshold to use them. It is something Norway must distance itself fromand, at any rate, not to link it more closely to what we do here, says the coordinator for the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

The CEO of No to Atomic Weapons, Sara Nes, finds it disturbing that the Parliament has made decisions without knowledge of the cooperation with the United States, and is critical both of their handling and the consequences of the planned Norwegian satellites.

According to NRK, at least two American nuclear submarines have operated in the area between the Polar Circle and the North Pole this winter. Submarines USS Connecticut and USS Hartford have for five weeks trained with technology and tactics during their journeys. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, missiles from US submarines in the Barents Sea can reach Moscow in 15-16 minutes.


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