Wind and heavy snow created difficult driving conditions

difficult driving conditions If gjensidigeDifficult driving conditions.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

Heavy snow, rain and wind created difficult driving conditions in most parts of the country this Wednesday morning. The road traffic center encourages people to drive carefully for the conditions.


– “The forecast shows heavy precipitation is to be expected locally in West Agder, Rogaland and Sunnhordland. In addition, there is a front with heavy winds in the mountains of western Norway, in Trøndelag and in Nordland,” states state meteorologist Ingrid Bentsen to Dagbladet.

As well as, Eastern Norway and Southern Norway will experience heavy precipitation in a snow and rain mix.

Dangerous road conditions
Already in the early hours of Wednesday morning, slippery roads led to traffic challenges, including on the E39 in West Agder. The police in Agder also report slippery roads on the E18 between Grimstad and Arendal.

There were cars that drove off the road, in both Telemark and Rogaland, the police reported. No personal injuries have been reported.

This morning, Road Traffic Central Station informs that large areas of southern Norway have varied driving conditions due to snow and sleet on the roadways.

“We have engaged all our crews and have plow vehicles at the ready and we can be contacted by the public to tell us where we need to go.” said traffic operator Andreas Larsen to NTB at 05:15 this morning.

Closed mountain passes
Larsen recommends people who can avoid the roads to do so and stay home.
“If you have to go to the shops, be aware, pay attention to other road users and drive for the wintery conditions, says Larsen.

In the west, storm causes highway 7 over Hardangervidda to be closed for vehicles under 7.5 tonnes, while caravan driving is put in effect for heavier vehicles. At 6 o’clock the road across the mountain range was completely closed.

“The E134 over Haukelifjell is also closed,” says Larsen.

Forecasted storms for Thursday will bring a lot of precipitation to Troms and Finnmark, with possibility of flooding,” says state meteorologist Bentsen.

– People must be prepared for local floods. With strong winds forecasted people must make sure to tie down loose objects, says the meteorologist.

Although the Oslo area will experience above freezing temperature, the mild weather will not last.

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