Woman critically stabbed in Haugesund

Woman Stabbed Haugesund AxePolice technicians at work on the crime scene on Tuesday night, after a woman critically injured in an attack in Haugesund. A man in his forties is charged with attempted murder. Photo: Kjell Bua / NTB scanpix

Woman critically stabbed in Haugesund – man charged

A woman is treated for critical injuries after being attacked in connection with a burglary in Haugesund. A man in his forties is charged with attempted murder in the stabbing case.

The accused man is a Norwegian citizen and known to them from previous encounters, according to the Southwest Police District.

They received notification of the incident shortly after 4.30 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

“We were notified of a man who was walking around Our Savior’s Cemetery with an axe. He was arrested by armed police. We also found a lady who was injured at the site. She was taken care of and brought to hospital immediately,” Operations Manager in the police, Tore Frøyland-Jensen, tells Haugesunds Avis.

Axe seized

The police further state that an object has been found that is interesting in connection with the incident.

“We have control of an axe that was found at the scene. We believe that it possibly is related to the attempted murder,” Police Lawyer, Sveinung Andersen, informs.

They do not know whether the suspect and the victim have a relationship with each other.

“This will be a key point for the investigation, which now is in its initial phase,” Andersen explains.

The woman is identified, but all of her relatives are not yet notified. The accused is in custody. She will probably be questioned on Wednesday.

There were several witnesses to the incident at the cemetery. The police have started to question them. The case is investigated both tactically and technically. The scene is cordoned off, and investigation at the cemetery is in progress.

Life-threatening injuries

Police Attorney, Anne Mette Dahle, tells VG that the woman is severely injured.

“The woman is critically injured. It may appear that the woman was attacked with an axe by the man, but that is too early to confirm in the current investigational phase. The woman suffers from stab injuries,” Dahle informs the newspaper.

It is currently not known to the police whether there are any relationships between the man and the woman. It appears as if the woman is a random victim.

“We can confirm that the victim is a woman, but we do not want to elaborate on her identity at this point in time,” Andersen writes in a press release.

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