Woman found dead after a fire in Haugesund

A woman is found dead after a fire in a detached house in Haugesund during the night before Tuesday. A man is arrested shortly after and charged with murder. Photo: Kjell Bua / NTB scanpix

Woman found dead after an arson in Haugesund

A woman is found dead after a fire in a detached house in Haugesund during the night before Tuesday. A man was arrested shortly after the fire and charged with murdering the woman.


The police received notification of the fire in Bokngata in Haugesund at 4.02 am on New Year’s Day.

The Emergency Services moved out to the site, and firefighters started the extinguishing of the fire.

They eventually found a dead woman in the house, and the circumstances lead the police to believe the woman is subject to a criminal offence. The woman was home alone.

Shortly after the fire notification, the police arrested a man in Haugesund. He is charged with murder and much suggests that there is a relationship between them, according to police.

Investigations underway

“Comprehensive tactical and technical investigations are now underway, including in the form of forensic investigations. This work will continue throughout the day,” states police lawyer in the Southwest Police District, Marte Engesli Lysaker, in a press release.

The house was severely damaged in the fire and was engulfed by flames at 5 am. There was a strong wind in the area during the extinguishing work and several neighbouring houses were evacuated as a result of this. No other persons are reportedly injured.

Not formally identified

Lysaker tells Haugesunds Avis that the police have a clear idea of who the woman is, but that she is not formally identified yet.

 According to Lysaker, the accused is not known to the police from earlier encounters. The man is a Norwegian citizen and has been appointed lawyer Erik Lea as his defender.

“We hope to conduct an initial interrogation during the day. The man will be requested to remain in custody,” Lysaker informs.

The police will not elaborate on the relationship they believe existed between the parties.

Witnesses have, according to NRK, having responded to the behaviour of the accused and alerted the police when they observed him outside the house while the house was burning. The accused man allegedly attempted to elope from the site in the centre of Haugesund, but the police were too quick for him.

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