Woman finds wallet containing 45,000 kroner

WalletWallet - did it again with more money.Photo pixabay.com

Bjørg Teigen, 52, was hailed by the police after handing in a wallet that contained 45,000 kroner, which she came across on a walk in Skien on Friday. Teigen told VG newspaper that she found the wallet on the road.


‘I thought I’d count its content inside the shopping mall next door, since it was so far to the police station. When we checked the content, I was completely shaken’, she said.

The woman and a guard delivered the wallet to the police. Soon after, she got a phone call.’

‘I was touched. The police thanked me for delivering it, and said that not everyone would have done that, and that the owner was overjoyed. I think most people would do what I did, I do not understand that this is something to make a big deal out of. I don’t regret it, I would do the same again’, she continued.

The police also gave Teigen a shout-out in a Twitter message.

‘There are honest people. The owner was very happy, and the honest finder got a well deserved thank you’, wrote the police.

Teigen sad she got around 4,000 kroner as reward. The money was spent on a cafe visit on Saturday, and in addition she will buy a new stove for the winter.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today