Suspects that a woman has been held captive

Inderøy District Court Woman been held captiveInderøy District Court By Alasdair - Eget verk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Police: suspects that a woman has been held captive in her own home

A man in his thirties has been arrested and charged with violence against his partner in Namsos. The police suspect that the woman has been held captive in their residence.


We investigate if the insulted has been robbed of the possibility of leaving her own residence or in other ways has had her freedom restricted for a prolonged period of time, says Attorney in Trøndelag police district, Åsta Elden, to Namdalsavisa.

The police suspect that the woman has also been exposed to both mental and physical violence.

The 30-year-old was arrested on July 25, and two days later he was detained for four weeks.

Foreign authorities

– The man who is charged is not originally a Norwegian citizen, we are therefore working to get in touch with foreign authorities to find out more about him, says Elden.

the Police Attorney states that the investigation is still ongoing and will not provide further information at the moment.

The man’s lawyer, Siw Bleikvassli, says her client does not recognize himself in what he is charged with.

– He disagrees with being in custody. He has said he wants to stay in the country and have a duty to report, pending police investigation, says Bleikvassli.


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