Cold, icy, fingers of fear for Statoil Trade Union

Statoil Trade UnionStatoil logo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Cold, icy, fingers of fear creeping up the spine of Statoil Trade Union Representative in  Norway

After 2022, when Sverdrup, Castberg, and Statoil’s giant projects have been fully developed, there will be little left on the Norwegian shelf, fears the group president.


This summer has been very busy, but when Statoil has launched Aasta Hansteen, Gina Krog, Oseberg, Sverdrup, Njord and Castberg, then there’s little left afterward said Bjørn Asle Teige, the representative for the Safe/YS trade union for Statoil in Stavanger, reported Aftenblad newspaper.

Over the past five years, Statoil has lost 5,000 employees. The worst case scenario is that this is only the beginning, said Teige. Vendor companies may also receive a punishing body blow when the renovations are over.

End of an era

‘There will be a giant vacuum left after these projects come into operation. There is little or nothing left behind. Erna Solberg knows what she’s talking about when she says there’s an urgent need for a restructuring’, Teige told the newspaper.

‘If the oil companies aren’t looking for, and possibly finding, new, large oil and gas fields, we are looking at the end of Statoil’s giant developments on the Norwegian continental shelf,’ Teige warned.

‘Without new projects, 100,000 people will be without work in a few years. It’s a creep-show, horror-movie scenario that Norway needs to be ready for’, he believes.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today