The world’s most useful passport; believe it or not, is NOT Norwegian

Norwegian passport, Norwegian citizenshipNorwegian passport. Photo: Norway Today media

The Passport Index for 2016 revealed which of the world’s passports is the most valuable. The index is measured partly by the number of countries where one can travel without visas, and whether it is possible to obtain a visa upon arrival.

The Passport Index website ranks 199 countries and territories, based on information from official sources.

The U.S.A. and U.K. shared first place in last year’s competition, with access to 147 countries visa-free. South Korea, Germany and France shared the second place spot, enjoying 145 visa waiver countries each. Italy and Sweden were in third place, with freedom to travel to 144 countries apiece without a visa.

Norway felt a very real sense of not being on top

Norway came in behind both Finland, and Denmark, ending up an ‘also ran’, in 6th place with visa-free passage to 141 countries.

Coming from South Sudan, Myanmar (Burma), Palestine or the Solomon Islands creates for many, very costly travel. Nationals of these countries possess passports which provide visa-free entry to only 28 countries each. They shared 80th position on the Index.

Passindeksen for 2017


Source: Dadbladet / Norway Today


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