Norwegian Airline increases ticket prices on all routes after oil price rise

Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwegian. Photo: Norway Today Media

To compensate for rising fuel costs, Norwegian Airline fares increased on all routes.


This was reported by ‘Flysmart24.’

For a fortnight, Norwegian has had a flat surcharge of 250-300 kroner on overseas travel to compensate for the increased fuel costs. Among other things, there has been a supplement of 300 kroner each way to and from the United States.

The website announced, via communication adviser of Norwegian,Astrid Mannion-Gibson, that the add-on will be removed and that the price increase should now be assessed on the basis of each route.

“We have decided that the price adjustment will take place in the usual way, not in the form of a flat addition,” she said.

‘’Increased prices on individual routes are not unnatural when oil prices rise as they have done. It is important to emphasise that airfares are adjusted according to supply and demand. The most important thing for the customers is the total price and not what the various individual elements are involved.’’

SAS Airline have secured 90% of the fuel through hedging, a scheme that is comparable to fixed interest on loans, and therefore pay the fixed price regardless of changes in the market. They are not currently considering price increases.


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