Worried Johansen wants more Police in Oslo east

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

City Council Chairman in Oslo, Raymond Johansen (Labour) is worried about the violence and gangs in the capital and wants more police in the eastern parts of Oslo.

He is particularly concerned that the Oslo police reports that violence among children and adolescents has increased, with ever more serious violence and increasingly younger victims and perpetrators, according to the newspaper Klassekampen.

– We must prevent adolescents from ending up on the wrong side of the law and choose a criminal career, says the head of the City Council, who also mention development in gang crime as problematic.

– Criminal gangs in Oslo are not a new phenomenon, but what scare me are the connections to international organized crime, says Raymond Johansen.

The City Council Chairman pointed out that the police have expressed concern over the resources available in Oslo. He stressed that he would not demonize, but stipulates that Oslo has a unique crime pattern in Norwegian context. He believes police officers with extensive local knowledge should be considered as a measure.

– We have very good experience with the neighbourhood police stations. Previously, we had local police the districts of Furuset and in Mortensrud, there is a desire to have neighbourhood police stations, he says.

Despite that there are social problems in Oslo eastern districts with what Johansen calls “an evolution into a class society”; he denies the existence of a parallel society in Oslo. He also says that he is tired of Oslo east being spoken of in negative terms.


Source: dagbladet.no / Norway Today