Young Norwegians over the age of 18 moved forward in the vaccine queue

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In the Norwegian government’s updated vaccine strategy, young adults will receive the corona vaccine earlier than originally planned.

“The government is moving young people forward in the vaccine queue because the infection is highest among young people. 

“Young adults have more social contact than older adults and contribute more to the spread of infection,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg said when she held a corona press conference on Wednesday.

The changes mean that the age group over 18 will receive the vaccine as soon as the vaccination of everyone over the age of 45 has been completed.

“Hit hard by the measures”

“Even though we have tried to protect them as far as possible, many young people have nevertheless been hit hard by the measures. It is very important that young people can have more contact with others and live freer lives. At the same time, vaccinating young people will first help to limit the spread of infection,” Solberg noted.

When the Vorland committee presented its report earlier this week, they argued that the government should consider moving 18-25-year-olds forward in the vaccine queue.

They justified this with the unequally distributed burden of action through the pandemic, the group’s mobility, and contribution to the spread of infection.

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