Young people hit police in Oslo

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Several police officers were beaten by a group of youngsters as they tried to prevent a fight in downtown Oslo on Sunday night.


The police received a message just before 01.00 that there was a a gang of youngsters outside the ‘Byporten’ shopping center in Oslo,said operation manager, Tor Jøgling, of the Oslo police.

“When we got there with patrols, there were many who attacked the police and hit several of our crew. We arrested four of them, but some others got away,” said Jøkling to NTB news.

None of the police who were hit were injured. The head of operations stated that a total of ten people were involved, and most were aged 14.

‘’If everyone is 14, it is the child welfare service that takes over the follow-up. We need to see if anyone can be followed up with charges in the usual way,” said Jøgling, who stated that the police are searching for the other six involved.


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