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Younger refugees finds it easier to find work


Refugees who were at the end of their teens when they arrived in Norway, are more often in employment than those who were older when they came to the country, according to a report from Statistics Norway.


Statistics Norway (SSB) has looked at refugees’ connection with the labour market. The report is based on refugees between 15 and 61 years of age from Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq who got residency in 2001 or 2012, and who have been followed year by year until 2014.

The report states that the younger refugees were when they arrived, the more often they were in work in 2014.

Largest is the proportion of Afghan refugees employed , and who came to Norway at the age of between the age  of 15 and 19.

72 percent of those, aged between 27 and 31, had jobs in 2014. The Afghans are being closely followed by Iran at almost 70 percent, Iraq with just over 62 percent, and Somalis with just under 60 percent.

Growth in employment rates is also greatest among Afghan refugees, a trend that also applies to the older age groups. Iraqis and Somalis are alternating in having the lowest growth in the different age groups.

Looking at the first three years, the variation is somewhat larger, especially as more are also in education during their first period in Norway. Apart from the oldest age group , Iranian refugees  are by far the largest proportion  in education after two or three years.


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