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Becky Scott disrespected by WADA members

intellectual property act WADALinda Hofstad Helleland, Photo: Thomas Haugersveen ,statsministerens kontor

Becky Scott disrespected by WADA board members

WADA Vice President Linda Hofstad Helleland is upset that Beckie Scott has recently been exposed to disrespect by several board members in the anti-doping agency.


Canadian athlete Becky Scott until recently headed the athletes’ committee in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). When it became apparent that the board voted to reintroduce the Russian anti-doping agency as a full member, she resigned as a protest.

In an interview with BBC, the former cross-country skier claims that some of the WADA big-wigs «treated her disrespectfully» at a meeting. Scott should also have been exposed to «inappropriate» comments and gestures from some of the WADA board members.

In the interview, Scott further states that the treatment she received was an expression «of a general attitude to eradicate and undermine the athletes’ opinions.»

– I felt an intense pressure when I went into that meeting. There was laughter when I read the list of athletes who oppose the decision on the Russians, Scott tells the public broadcaster.


In a statement given to the British public broadcaster, WADA admits that «it was heated» at the meeting last month and that the strong objections of the opposition «affected the tone and the atmosphere.» The organization is adamant that the voice of the practitioners was heard in the discussion.

Vice President of the International Anti-Doping Agency, Linda Hofstad Helleland, goes a long way in providing Beckie Scott with her complete support.

– Such behaviour is never acceptable. Now is the time to show leadership. It’s time to understand one of the main reasons why the WADA board exists: to respect and protect the athletes. Listen to their views. There is no room for bullying, writes Helleland.

Suffered defeat

Like the Beckie Scott, the Norwegian WADA Vice President was very critical of bringing Russia out of the cold but was outvoted at the Seychelles board meeting.

– I am very disappointed on behalf of the doping-free athletes and anyone else who believes in a pure sport. This casts a dark shadow over the credibility of the anti-doping movement, according to Helleland after the decision was made.

The Vice President thought it was wrong to welcome the Russians back before fully fulfilling the requirements imposed when the Russian Anti-Doping Agency was banned.

Instead, the WADA Board chose to relax two of the requirements so that Russia could be reinstated as a full member of the organisation.


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